Hi-Care Lady, A Quick Menstrual Pain Reliever

Hi-Care Lady, A Quick Menstrual Pain Reliever

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Hi-Care Lady (model EVE-1010) is a new innovative medical device to alleviate menstrual pain (aka period pain) with the use of latest clinically proven TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology.

This patented, lightweight, compact design device can rapidly and effectively alleviate the pain within 5mins after wearing, while traditional pain-killers will need at least 30mins.

Size of Hi-Care Lady

It transmits a neural stimulation signal to the same nerve path that transmits menstrual pain signal to the brain. Such TENS signal will neutralised the menstrual pain signal and consequently helps to relieve menstrual pain.

Hi-Care Lady can be worn anytime and anywhere, Thus it is highly Recommended for:

  • Students who suffer from severe menstrual pain which may result in lack of concentration;
  • Executives who are regularly absent from work due to severe menstrual pain;
  • Housewives feeling of depression and lethargy cause by severe menstrual pain;


Hi-Care Lady Function