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“After using DiskDr traction belt (WG50) for a few days, my back ache is gone. Now I only use it once every week. I had back pain since 1999 after a motorcycle accident due to slight slip disc at L3/L4. I wore full day (8hrs) for 1week, then shorten the time to 4hrs for another week. After that only I wear on weekend for 1hr.” - Mr TENG

“I sprained my back a few months after birth and had to be on strong pain killers for a few weeks. I was wearing DiskDr waist belt (WG50) daily and it provided more than adequate support as well as easing tremendous pressure from my lower back. DiskDr product is definitely one main reason for my full recovery.” - Ms Joyce LEONG

“My Husband and I had back problems for the past 10yrs, I had pinched nerves in my lower lumbar and Husband had slipped disc. Having gone to see Back Specialists, Physiotherapist and also TCM, all are effective up to a certain point. We also do not want to have surgery on our backs as it’s also not guaranteed that our back problems will be resolved permanently. So, we search around to see if there are other products that can be used to relieve the pain. We found DiskDr and Ronnie (EURONIC Medical) responded very quickly and at a great price! With consistent wearing of the belt, it definitely help relieved our back pains we had for years. We highly recommend using DiskDr belt, WG50 for people with lower lumbar pain.” - Ms Crystal TAN

“After wearing the DiskDr Lumbar Traction Belt for about 2weeks, it had relieved my lower back pain.” - Ms Catherine

“After using CS300 every night for 30mins for 2wks, my stiff strained neck muscles seems to relax and all pain around it is gone. I’ve been having stiff strained neck for the past 1year due to my rough contact sports - rugby. Thanks to DiskDr, CS300. Feels good.” - Mr Wann

“I must say that with continuous daily usage of 1 ~ 1.5hour, DiskDr neck brace (CS300) has helped alleviate the pain and discomfort in my neck, which I had suffered since my accident 20years ago. In the longer run, I believe it will definitely improve my quality of life.” - Mr ONG