CENDRILLON - UREA Exfoliating Foot Mask for Diabetics

CENDRILLON - UREA Exfoliating Foot Mask for Diabetics

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1) CENDRILLON foot mask helps to :
    - remove dry, rough & thick dead skin, cracked heels
    - remove foul smell from feet
    - soften edges of hardened toe nails
2) Patented formulae is suitable for diabetic patients
3) User only needs to wear it monthly for 1-2 hours each time, instead of applying foot cream every few hours.
4) Feet are wrapped and soaked into foot mask for more effective absorption and uniform exfoliating, unlike applying a uniform coat of foot cream will depends on skill of user.
5) Visible and positive results after the first use
6) Made in Japan under license of the Thailand Institute of Dermatology
7) Recommended for people with normal corns & calluses, plantar warts. 

CENDRILLON foot mask contain Urea and natural extracts blended into solution. It is a mild, natural product with pH ~5.0 and does not contain strong acids which can cause irritation or burning sensation on feet. It also contain medical disinfectants to prevent infection and reduce foul smells on both diabetic and healthy feet.

CENDRILLON can gently exfoliates Xerosis from users without affecting the healthy skin. As such, CENDRILLON can be used by both diabetic patients as well as anyone with dry skin condition.

CENDRILLON foot mask has been tested clinically for its efficacy and safety for removal of Xerosis and is proven an excellent alternative for diabetic patients against excision debridement surgeries.

CENDRILLON main active ingredient, Urea, is a true moisturiser which attracts and retains moisture in the surface layer of skin. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties allow it to protect feet against harmful and damaging bacteria.

User only needs to wear CENDRILLON foot masks for 1-2 hours each time. Then over the next 5-7 days, dead skin will gently exfoliate naturally, without any pain. It is recommended to use CENDRILLON once a month for the beginning period. When condition is improved, user can use it once in every 2-3 months to maintain healthy and hygiene feet.

Below YouTube videos are in Thai (with English subtitles) for your further understanding of CENDRILLON foot mask.